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Our Staff

We  are a team that daily gets prepared to have fun and to learn from our children. We enjoy our job because we understand the necesities of our little clients. We know that when they feel relax and appreciated there is no need to cry for help. 

I am Andrea( Vicky) 

My love for children inspired me to start my own childcare. After raising five children, I thought that being a daycare provider would be a nice way to continue nurturing and educating children. I began studying and working as a provider about eight years ago and I finally was licensed and opened my own space in 2010. Based on my experience as a mother and as a provider, I adapted my home to be a safe and attractive place for young children. 
I have always placed quality as the first priority in my work. The parents that have participated in our service appreciate that. I have received feedback such as “I feel like my kids are safer here than they are at home!”. 


I am  Arturo,


I am Andrea's husband and a dedicated father of five children. With Andrea, we are now together caring for other children that need to be nurtured. I am trained in first aid and CPR and have completed courses in early child development. I completely understand the dilemma between having a career and ensuring your children are in a place where they will feel safe and happy. Andrea and I ourselves at one point were looking for that place to leave our kids and feel that peace of mind of knowing that they were okay while we were working. We are so proud that we can offer that peace of mind to other parents.


I am Haydee,


I am also Andrea's sister.

I began working with Andrea when she decided to open her childcare. I am trained in CPR and fist aid and I have received trainig in early child development at Children's Council of San Francisco as well as in San Francisco City College and West Ed. 

Working with children is a major responsibility but nonetheless a very enjoyable and rewarding job.    


I am Elizabeth,

Some of the Kids call me Babeth and I like that :)

 I have been trained for CPR and early child education at San Francisco City College and West Ed as well.

I really enjoy   working with these little ones they are full of energy and full of smiles. Every day they learn something new but the learning is not only for them, I also love all the things I learn from them. 

If I ever needed to do something else for a living I will surely miss all these  hours of fun, laughs and hugs from these little people.

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